Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Joan Davies

There is an obituary for Joan Davies by her son in today’s Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/apr/15/joan-davies-obituary.
 Joan stood as a Liberal in South Wales for the European Parliament in the 1980s.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Green voting records in the European Parliament

Climate Action Network Europe rates MEPs on their 2009-2014 voting records
on climate and energy policies:

Very Good

100%  Brian SIMPSON (LP)
100%  Caroline LUCAS* (GP)
100%  David MARTIN (LP)
100%  Derek VAUGHAN (LP)
100%  Martina ANDERSON* (SF)
100%  Peter SKINNER (LP)
90%  Andrew DUFF (LDP)
90%  Catherine STIHLER (LP)
90%  Jill EVANS (PC-PoW)
90%  Linda McAVAN (LP)
90%  Mary HONEYBALL (LP)
90%  Richard HOWITT (LP)
89%  Keith TAYLOR* (GP)
80%  Arlene McCARTHY (LP)
80%  Baroness Sarah LUDFORD (LDP)
80%  Catherine BEARDER (LDP)
80%  Claude MORAES (LP)
80%  Edward McMILLAN-SCOTT (LDP)
80%  Fiona HALL (LDP)
80%  Glenis WILLMOTT (LP)
80%  Jean LAMBERT (GP)
80%  Sharon BOWLES (LDP)
80%  Sir Graham WATSON (LDP)
75%  Rebecca TAYLOR* (LDP)


70%  Stephen HUGHES (LP)
60%  Alyn SMITH (SNP)
60%  Bill NEWTON DUNN (LDP)
60%  Chris DAVIES (LDP)
60%  George LYON (LDP)
60%  Ian HUDGHTON (SNP)
50%  Diana WALLIS* (LDP)
50%  Elizabeth LYNNE* (LDP)
50%  Michael CASHMAN (LP)


33%  Bairbre de BRÚN* (SF)
30%  Ashley FOX (CP)
30%  Charles TANNOCK (CP)
30%  Emma McCLARKIN (CP)
30%  Geoffrey VAN ORDEN (CP)
30%  James ELLES (CP)
30%  Julie GIRLING (CP)
30%  Kay SWINBURNE (CP)
30%  Malcolm HARBOUR (CP)
30%  Martin CALLANAN (CP)
30%  Philip BRADBOURN (CP)
30%  Robert STURDY (CP)
30%  Struan STEVENSON (CP)
30%  Timothy KIRKHOPE (CP)
30%  Vicky FORD (CP)
25%  Anthea McINTYRE* (CP)
25%  Phil BENNION* (LDP)
20%  Daniel HANNAN (CP)
20%  Giles CHICHESTER (CP)
20%  Jacqueline FOSTER (CP)
20%  James NICHOLSON (UCU)
20%  Nirj DEVA (CP)
20%  Richard ASHWORTH (CP)
20%  Sajjad KARIM (CP)
20%  Sir Robert ATKINS (CP)
20%  Syed KAMALL (CP)
10%  Marta ANDREASEN (CP)
10%  Nick GRIFFIN (BNP)
0%  Andrew Henry William BRONS (BDP)
0%  Derek Roland CLARK (UKIP)
0%  Diane DODDS (DUP NI)
0%  Gerard BATTEN (UKIP)
0%  Godfrey BLOOM (UKIP)
0%  John BUFTON (UKIP)
0%  John Stuart AGNEW (UKIP)
0%  Nicole SINCLAIRE (WDR)
0%  Nigel FARAGE (UKIP)
0%  Paul NUTTALL (UKIP)
0%  Roger HELMER (UKIP)
0%  Trevor COLMAN (UKIP)
0%  William (The Earl of) DARTMOUTH (UKIP)

Frank Little writes:
Hats off to Jill Evans (Plaid) and Derek Vaughan (Labour), but of the UK mainstream, the Liberal Democrat party is the most consistent in supporting green measures. The "very bad" group is dominated by UKIP and the Conservatives.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Fraudster who fled Britain has been returned and put behind bars

Thanks to the European Arrest Warrant, a member of a Nottingham-based crime gang who fled the UK to avoid prison has been returned to Britain to start a five-year jail sentence.


Magdalena Ferkova was part of a crime group that stole large amounts of public money. She had flown vulnerable foreign nationals to the UK to act as ‘benefit tourists’, illegally claiming over a million pounds in tax credits and Child Benefit. After luring the individuals to the UK and forcing them to make applications, Ferkova sent the claimants home.

Four other members of the gang were sentenced in November, however, Ferkova fled Britain during her trial. A European Arrest Warrant was issued the following month and she was finally captured in the Czech Republic and returned to Britain.

If it weren’t for Britain being IN Europe, the European Arrest Warrant would not exist here and Magdalena Ferkova would still be on the run, possibly committing more crimes.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

UKIP MEPs vote against tackling tax evasion

Interesting vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday about tackling tax fraud, tax evasion and tax havens. The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour (582-35), with all the Lib Dem MEPs in the 582. And in amongst the 35? All the UKIP MEPs.

Friday, April 04, 2014

European Parliament votes to cap credit card fees

MEPs yesterday voted for an EU cap on card payment fees, which are estimated to cost retailers in the EU over £8 billion each year.

The European Parliament negotiating position, in line with the proposal from the European Commission, favours a cap of 0.3% of the transaction on credit card purchases. But Parliament goes even further than the Commission proposal on debit card fees with a cap of either 7cents (6p) or 0.2% of the transaction value on debit card purchases, whichever is lower. These caps would also be applied to both cross-border and domestic payments.

Research by the EU has shown that a cap in fees could provide retailers with nearly £5 billion in savings and lead to lower consumer prices. However, Parliament is now waiting for the Member States to finalise their negotiating position before such caps can become law.

Liberal Democrat MEP and Chair of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Sharon Bowles, commented: "Each year businesses suffer from unregulated and unjustifiably high fees when a customer chooses to pay by card.

"Capping these transaction fees will mean businesses can and should be able to pass on savings to consumers, which will directly benefit households up and down the country and contribute to economic growth and consumer confidence.

"As the Party of In, Liberal Democrats want to strengthen and protect our vital trade links with the rest of the EU. By cutting unnecessary costs for businesses the UK can increase its competitiveness within the Single Market."