Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanks, Richie

Richard Northcote set up this blog (and did a lot of other things for the liberal and independent-minded citizens of Resolven and the Neath constituency in general). At times he has seemed to be cramming 36 hours into a day, juggling a demanding day job (which involved regular long-distance travel) and service to the country in the Territorial Army with the secretaryship of Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats.

Something had to give, and his selection for a course leading to possible promotion in the TA has forced the issue. Richie sees this as incompatible with continuing to be an activist and is consequently giving up his officerships in the local party, including editing this blog.

Thanks Richie, congratulations on the likely future captaincy, and do you want to contribute any thoughts before you go into political purdah?

- Frank Little
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