Sunday, February 10, 2008


Peter Black has long been known as a campaigner against fluoridation of our water supply. (See his entry "The fluoride state" for February 9th on his blog)

He is not alone. One of our own members wrote recently:
Once again, I have read that there is a call from some politicians, and so-called “professors” to introduce fluoride to the water supply, but only in deprived areas. This is a quote taken from this BBC link

Of course this isn't for everyone - it won't be necessary in the wealthier home counties for instance.

I am extremely concerned about this proposal, as I have done extensive research into the affects of fluoride in children. The fluoride that’s added to the water supply is a highly toxic waste product from the fertilizer industry, and its affects on children can be devastating. (But, hey, as long as they die with no cavities, what’s the problem?)
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