Saturday, March 15, 2008

Green light for non-green power generation

The Government has that it intends to approve the new Kingsnorth, Kent, coal fired power station.

Nick Clegg's comment: “At a time when the Government should be working to reduce the UK’s emissions, ministers seem determined to allow a huge new polluting power station. What planet is John Hutton living on?

“Without carbon capture and storage, clean coal is a total myth. This monstrosity will only emit 20% less than previous coal fired stations, and a massive 75% more than a gas powered plant.

“Kingsnorth should not be given the go ahead unless carbon capture and storage is part of it from day one.

“If ministers really want to take the lead on tackling climate change they must concentrate on promoting renewable power, increasing energy efficiency, and dramatically accelerating the development of carbon capture and storage.”

If anyone can point us to a power-station scheme which employers carbon capture and which is actually up and running, we would be grateful.
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