Saturday, June 21, 2008

Less tough talk and more delivery needed in justice system

Last Wednesday (18 June), Louise Casey (an adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair) delivered to the present PM a review of the criminal justice system. She also went public on it here.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne said:

"Louise Casey’s tough-talking policies on anti-social behaviour have failed, so why should we take her seriously again?

"If public humiliation worked, we would never have abolished the village stocks.

"We need fewer gimmicks and more delivery: the probation service is over-loaded and unable to properly supervise community sentences.

"Community courts, which would give local people control over punishments, and restorative justice to confront criminals with the consequences of their crimes and with victims. Above all, we need to do what works, and not just posture on penalties."

A day before, at First Minister's Questions, Jenny Randerson (LibDem AM for Cardiff Central) had asked: "Are you aware, First Minister, that, since August 2006, the ASBO process has been used over 1154 times in Cardiff, and will you join me and the Chief Constable, who has commended the way the ASBO process has been used in Cardiff involving close cooperation between the council and the police. Following your party's disastrous local election results, do you regret the way you and your party chose to insult the intelligence of the people of Cardiff by trying to claim that the Liberal Democrats had refused to tackle anti-social behaviour?"
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