Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Government building the world’s biggest DNA database by stealth

Commenting on the announcement that 722,000 people were added to the DNA database last year - the largest amount ever in any one year - Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne said:

"The Government is rapidly building the world’s biggest DNA database, by stealth.

"Guilt or innocence and the negative effect the database has on children and ethnic minorities are of no concern to ministers. There are also large numbers of people who were convicted of crimes before DNA began to be collected who are not on the database.

"Rarely has so much effort been made to collect so much intrusive and irrelevant data.

"Innocent people should be removed from the database before our more courageous European counterparts force us to do so through the courts."

One wonders whether fingerprints are also being garnered for a de facto national identity register. The experience of our previous secretary, Gary Lewis, is worrying:

I'm looking to do voluntary work with a view that if you are engaged in such activity, more opportunities will present themselves in addition to showing to prospective employers that you want to work and giving your life some purpose.
Had a phone call yesterday from the Bridge Mentoring Scheme Plus (BMSP) in Bridgend. The CRB agency says that there is another Gary Lewis with a similar identity to myself (no-one else on the planet can be as good looking as myself) and would I be prepared to go to the police station and have my fingerprints taken and to bring my identification with me.
[Queried the electoral register] how many Gary Lewis's there were in Ogmore, answer was four.
What's worrying:
I've been doing Family Link, respite fostering for the past eight years, the usual identification used for proof of identity has been Birth Cert., Driving Licence and Passport. This has never happened before.
Driving Licence and Passport was used this time with BMSP, so why question my identity credentials this time? Don't the CRB agency keep records?

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