Monday, December 22, 2008

In spite of warnings, Neath Port Talbot officer loses sensitive personal data

A computer memory device containing confidential information about vulnerable children has been lost by a Neath Port Talbot council officer, according to a foster carer. The informant has voiced concerns that the youngsters whose details are on the memory stick could be put at risk.

This site, and that of Cllr Frank Little, have consistently warned of the dangers of lax computer security. It seems that there has been no borough-wide policy on data security, with the result that we see today. It is unclear whether the stick was lost within the education or social care departments, though the impression gained of a "hands-off" management style by the outgoing director of social services suggests the latter.

Enquiries have revealed that councillors were not informed of the loss, even though the Evening Post report suggests that the stick may have been missing for over a month. The news broke in the media on the day the council had its last committee meetings before the Christmas break. It will not meet again until the second week in January. We hope that our councillors will raise this as a matter of urgency then.


Anonymous said...

Why is information about Vulnerable children being kept on a memory stick, I hope this has been reported to the information comissoner?

I would suggest going to the LA Ombudsman, but they usually come down on the side of the council, so bugger all use going to them.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cllr Little, the whole of Wales now know that this information has been lost

From the BBC website:

"...One foster carer has claimed the information could put children at risk.

The anonymous carer told the South Wales Evening Post the children he cared for were "end-of-the-line kids".

"If the people around here knew about their backgrounds, I would probably get a brick through the window," he added.

"In some cases if the information got out, it could put them at risk."

Anonymous said...

Looks like the government is loosing a PC a day!