Friday, April 24, 2009

"Titan Prisons" abandoned

Although there has as yet been no government confirmation, BBC News has heard whispers that the super-prison programme has been abandoned.

We are glad that sense has been seen. Prisons to be effective in reforming criminals must be local and well-staffed.


Anonymous said...

There are four reasons why we have prisons:

1. To deprive someone of their liberty, whilst inside they can't be doing illegal things on the streets.

2. To act as a deterent.

3. Educate and reform.

4. Revenge by the state.

Prion doesn't act as a deterent, the chances of being caught is very slim and with the jury system we have in the UK, a large minority of criminals get off scott free at taxpayers expense. In addition, very little Education and reform goes on "within these walls"

Depriving someone of their liberty, yes a few Criminals get banged up, but there are bigger villans on the streets, and more of them than there is in prison. In addition with various draconian laws being introduced by this so called socialist government more people can now be classed as criminals.

This just leaves "revenge by the state" - I'm sure there's quite a few judges (or should they be referred too as "the vermin in the ermin") who actually enjoy sending people to jail.

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

I think it is generally agreed that the biggest deterrent to committing crime is the likelihood of getting caught. Money is being spent at the wrong end of the criminal justice process. More resources should be put into visible policing and the reduction of paperwork (the latter a recurring theme of anonymous police blogs).

Improving the prison estate should have a benefit at the margin, in that convicts' degrading conditions should be improved. But will there be enough money left after the capital spend for decent wages for prison staff? And will the parole and probation systems continue to be starved of cash?


Anonymous said...

You know as well as I that the prison population contains a disproportionate amound of people with either substance misuse issues or mental health issues, and thanks to this government being engaged in an illegal war 95% of the heroin entering the UK is from Afganistan.

The thought of introducing Titan jails was to appease the hang them and flog them brigade. Barmy Brown has done another u-turn on this!