Thursday, December 03, 2009

Up to 4,800 Aberavon people will benefit from Lib Dem tax plans

The Liberal Democrats have unveiled radical new tax plans to help millions of people across the country.

The party’s new tax plans will see tax cuts for millions of people, paid for by closing tax loopholes, making polluters pay and introducing a ‘mansion tax’ on homes worth over £2million.

Prospective parliamentary candidate for Aberavon, Keith Davies, said: "These are ambitious plans which will mean that up to 4,800 people in Aberavon pay no tax at all.

"In addition to this, a further 18,960 people in Aberavon will save £700 a year - giving them an extra £60 a month in their pay packets. The vast majority of taxpayers in Aberavon will benefit from our fair tax plans.”

Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said: “This will help more people who are feeling the pinch at the moment to get by – and boost the economy by making sure ordinary hard-working people are better off.

"It is time for a more fair and simple tax system - and it is clear that the Liberal Democrats are the only party with the plans to do this."
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