Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Labour misled Britain over Iraq role in terror threat – Farron

Commenting on Eliza Manningham-Buller’s evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry, in which she said the conflict in Iraq ‘substantially’ increased the threat to the UK from international terrorism, Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, Tim Farron said:

“This is a shattering blow for Labour’s claim that the Iraq war did not increase the terrorist threat to Britain.

“We already knew that this was a disastrous war for our own brave service personnel and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Now we have the head of MI5 at the time saying it increased the threat to Britain – the precise opposite of what Labour claimed it would do.

“As Foreign Secretary in the last Government, David Miliband must come clean on why his administration misled the British people on this issue for so long.”


Anonymous said...

Yes, when up crap creek you can always rely on the Lib Dems to reach for the 'Iraq Paddle'.If I were you I'd keep hold of those Welsh Lib Dem membership cards, they'll be real collecters items in a few years time.

Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats said...

Come off it, anon, Iraq has only been a small part of this blog. The last posting devoted to Iraq was six months ago.

We have no need of emotive issues to boost membership. The voters like the fact that we are in government, albeit in a junior role. Our local membership has gone up since the general election campaign started. I haven't seen the Welsh figures yet, but in England there has been a net gain of over 4,000 members - the breakdown is here.

Frank Little