Friday, August 13, 2010

Over twenty-nine thousand pensioners to benefit from pensions increase

29,200 pensioners in Neath Port Talbot will see an increase in their pensions next year.

The Liberal Democrats in the coalition government have made sure that pensioners get a fair deal in future. In April, the state pension will increase with the cost of living to make sure that no pensioner ends up poorer just because prices or wage rates have gone up.

Local campaigner, Mathew McCarthy, said: ‘Before the election, we promised that we would improve pensions and now that we are in government, we have delivered on that promise.

‘Margaret Thatcher broke the pensions link with earnings in 1980. The Labour government had 13 years to fix this, but did nothing. Within weeks of the election, the Liberal Democrats have restored the earnings link meaning that pensions will increase by a decent amount every year.

‘Gone are the days of the insulting 75p increase that happened under Labour’s watch. The Liberal Democrats have introduced a triple guarantee to make sure that pensions go up every year to keep up with the cost of living.’
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