Thursday, September 22, 2011

Supervote News

There will be a Special General Meeting of DAGGER (Liberal Democrat Action Group for Gaining Electoral Reform) in Cheltenham on 12th November. The location is St Matthews Church Hall, Clarence Street, which is near the bus station, and proceedings start at 13:00.

The Group, which has Baroness Nicholson and Liz Lynne MEP among its vice-presidents, exists to promote long-standing party policy of election to the UK parliament by Single Transferable Vote in Multi-Member Constituencies (STV), the system used in Irish parliaments, north and south, and in Scottish local elections.

DAGGER says of Gender Balance in Parliament: "To get women into Parliament in the first place requires getting their names onto the Ballot Paper. The best way to do this is by adopting a voting system which offers a list of candidates who may be voted for in order of preference.

"This can be achieved most effectively by STV. The Scandinavian countries have a similar system, hence their higher number of women MPs, Ministers etc., including two women Prime Ministers in recent years. And can it be a coincidence that the Scandinavian countries, which then employ the talents of all their people, are centuries ahead of the male-run countries?"

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