Friday, April 06, 2012

Bahrain bars entry to Liberal Democrat peace campaigner

Description: Description: authorities are now turning to the foreign nationals who have expressed criticism over last year's crackdown of the popular protests. Latest victim was Jonathan Fryer, past chairman of the Liberal International British Group. On his arrival, the immigration officer held a file, including printouts of tweets Mr. Fryer had published expressing dismay at the crackdown on demonstrations at Manama's Pearl Roundabout and the security forces' intervention in a major hospital. He was told that “no-one has been killed in Bahrain” and that “the doctors who were taken away were revolutionaries who were trying to overthrow the King.” Mr. Fryer commented on his blog post: “Doubtless one day objective history will set the record straight; at least I hope so. Apparently I have now joined Lord Avebury (2009 LI Prize for Freedom laureate) and others who have campaigned on human rights issues relating to Bahrain in becoming persona non grata there.”  Jonathan Fryer authored the 187th LI EC report“Responsibility to Protect: A Liberal Approach?” [from the Liberal International newsletter]

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