Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Labour's approach to evidence-based policy

First, form the policy, then find the evidence, it seems.

The Save Withybush Hospital campaign has a good summary of the methodology of the Longley Report here: http://www.zen142533.zen.co.uk/SWATcontd/longleyreport.html

Now the "smoking gun" in the form of emails between Professor Longley and Lesley Griffiths' health ministry has been found.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams said: "These email exchanges clearly contradict the health minister's statements that this case for change report was an 'independent assessment' and that it was 'impartial, based solely on the evidence'. "This is an appalling insult to the many people in Wales who are rightfully concerned about the impending NHS reorganisation. How can we now have confidence in the Welsh Labour government's reorganisation process when they sex-up documents to suit their own needs?"

It is easy to draw the conclusion that having found that the truly independent McKinsey recommendations were not to their liking, Labour found a more amenable expert closer to home.

Frank Little

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