Monday, July 06, 2015

Welsh Liberal Democrats accuse government of casual attitude to domestic abuse

South Wales West Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black is concerned that the Welsh Government has given only part time status to a domestic abuse programme advisor.

He said: “This Bill was controversial from the outset as many people felt it did not go far enough to tackle domestic abuse and sexual violence.

“In particular, all three opposition parties were concerned that sufficient and appropriate mechanisms were being put in place to mainstream education on relationships in schools.

“I am shocked therefore that the recent advert for the National Adviser says: 'The hours expected to fulfil this role will be part-time'.

“It seems to me that co-ordinating the various bodies involved in delivering this service, advising ministers on important issues such as funding and overseeing the important education agenda is in fact a full time job.

“We need much more information and assurances on this matter. Will the national adviser have a team of staff for support, for example, or will they be expected to fulfil the role individually? The government must not backtrack on this vital role."

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