Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why I joined the Liberal Democrats, by a former Labour mayor

In a post on Liberal Democrat Voice, Tod Sullivan, a former mayor of Lowestoft, explains why he sees his future as a social democrat in this party:

The simple fact is that my heart is a liberal-minded Social Democrat, I was reminded by Social Democrats in the Lib Dems that they have a powerful place in the party. After all, it is a merger between the Liberal and SDP parties. They described a party which believes in markets but not unrestrained capitalism, government that is effective but not intrusive, but is compelled to intervene where liberties, fairness, safety or opportunity are being threatened. A party that believes in individual freedoms and opportunities, particularly for people who want to help others. A party committed to being proud of Great Britain, maintaining our influence on the world and being a member of the European Union, NATO and the United Nations, outward looking and welcoming to those who need sanctuary as well as those who can contribute to our society.

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