Saturday, April 29, 2017

Labour housing U-turn has no credibility - Lib Dems

John Shipley, Liberal Democrat housing spokesperson, said:

“Labour has a guilty conscience about housing. It completely failed on house-building during its 13 years in government, selling off 470,000 council houses and adopting Margaret Thatcher’s Right to Buy without replacing the homes they sold off.

“Their announcement today is to build an extra 500,000 council homes, which is the same number as the number of council homes they sold off in Government.

“You need a strong economy to increase house-building. Labour’s policies are not credible and will not deliver the homes we need.

“Labour voted for a hard Brexit, and that will leave an estimated £200bn black hole in the economy over 15 years, so any spending announcement Jeremy Corbyn makes is not worth the paper it is written on. You can’t have a hard Brexit and a decent supply of houses.”

Local activist Frank Little added:

“Welsh Labour is particularly culpable, in pushing through the selling-off of council housing long after the Westminster government had back-tracked on the policy. Neath Port Talbot used roundly condemned methods to persuade its tenants to agree to the transfer to NPT Homes”

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