Friday, January 25, 2019

Taxpayer must repay £1.95 million to EU citizens

Today the Conservative Government has confirmed that it may have to return as much as £1.95 million to EU citizens who were forced to pay money to remain living  in the country under the 'settled status' programme. It is expected some of the money will be returned to NHS staff and other vital public servants. 

The Government were forced into an embarrassing U-turn of the policy on the back of pressure from Liberal Democrats and MPs across the political divide. 

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said:

"Theresa May's mean spirited charge was always wrong and I'm proud Liberal Democrats led the campaign to get it abolished. These refunds are right and must be issued without delay - including to the public sector bodies that will have paid some of these charges.

"EU citizens have been fleeced out of millions  and treated appallingly by the Conservatives throughout the mess of their Brexit negotiations and they deserve an apology.

"Having u-turned on this it is now time for the Government to change course and give the people the final say on Brexit through a people's vote."

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