Friday, July 12, 2019

Pro-Trump PM could damage relations with Iran

Commenting on the escalating situation in the Gulf, Liberal Democrat Defence Spokesperson Jamie Stone MP said:

“We must not allow the next Prime Minister to blindly follow Trump into a volatile anti-Iranian coalition.
“It has become increasingly clear that Boris Johnson’s plans for a 'global Britain' are just for the UK to be the lapdog of the US.
“The EU have been principled and clear in standing firm on the Iranian nuclear deal, which Trump so petulantly tore up. Liberal Democrats will continue to urge the Conservative government, regardless of who the next PM is, to work with our EU partners and ensure that British foreign policy continues to promote our shared values.”

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nigel hunter said...

I have been listening to an article on the tv who started the 6 . million votes to remain in the EU. She mentioned that he had had no barriers put in his way, spoilt child (my words). He has never grown up and faced serious responsibilities.
He looks like he WILL be Trumps poodle after his u-turn on our ambassador, for a child looks up to someone who he thinks is strong and emulates them.