Thursday, June 11, 2020

UK needs Green Recovery Plan to counter COVID-19 economic damage

Responding to an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report that predicts the UK economy will shrink by 11.5% and experience the worst economic contraction among developed countries due to the coronavirus, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“Coronavirus has proven to be a bigger threat to people’s jobs and livelihoods than even the financial crash. People are rightly worried about their jobs, their families and their communities. We must ensure no one is left behind.

“The UK desperately needs a Green Recovery Plan. We can rebuild the economy and protect the environment by creating jobs through embracing new, green technologies. 

“The Prime Minister must also stop the double-whammy of a no-deal by ending the uncertainly and extend the Brexit transition period, protecting access to markets across Europe.

“We can also now see, by international standards, the Government failed to prepare properly for a pandemic and has been slow to act. There must be an independent inquiry to review the Government’s actions.”

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Unknown said...

I totally agree with this recovery plan idea. The problem is we need it now and waiting for Boris......!
So instead of saying what we think, why don't we do what we think?
There must be enough talented individuals in the party to be able to organise something.
How about:
A fund open to every UK citizen to invest in.
Pays 1%pa plus a share of any profits.
Gives people the chance to do something and be involved.
Shows what the Liberal Democrats are capable of.
The fund invests in Covid-19 hit businesses providing capital and or loans Buying and repurposing disused commercial buildings. Funding green energy projects, new farming techniques, forestry, rewilding, recycling, transport, manufacturing.... the list is huge.

We are going to be paying for Covid-19 in our taxes and lower national wealth for many years plus we have the cost of cutting our green house emissions.

Just a thought!


Oh! I forgot about the replacing of gas central heating.