Friday, September 17, 2021

Ed Davey statement on opening of Lib Dem conference

Speaking ahead of the opening of the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference today (Friday 17 September), Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said:
“The Liberal Democrats go into this conference feeling energised by our recent successes and determined to stand up for people who are sick and tired of being taken for granted.
“Our stunning by-election win in Chesham and Amersham showed we are the party that can take on Boris Johnson’s Conservatives and deliver a fair deal for families around the country.
“Already we have forced the government into watering down their undemocratic planning reforms imposed on communities and U-turning on illiberal Covid passports.
“Boris Johnson is kidding himself if he thinks these U-turns will stem the tide of voters turning to the Liberal Democrats in former Conservative strongholds across the Blue Wall.
“Right across the country, voters are telling us that this government isn’t listening, is breaking its promises and ignoring their concerns.
“It is time Boris Johnson’s Conservatives stopped taking people for granted, time people got a fair deal, time we guaranteed a better life for future generations.
"The Liberal Democrats will provide them with an alternative, one that puts local people first and delivers a fair deal for our children so they do not bear the burden of the pandemic."

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