Thursday, September 07, 2006

Running commentary from the Westminster stadium

"Well, Mark, it looks as if New Labour are about to make a substitution."

"Yes, John, they had to do something. Blair has got to be the man to come off. He is on his own up there and not getting any support from his team. Mind you, he doesn't help himself by holding on to the ball and following his own devices."

"Do you think that's the result of what people are saying is the undue influence of his personal manager, Bush?"

"That could be. It's certain as can be that he's lost the trust of his team, and now the crowd are getting on his back. They're calling for their favourite, Brown, to come on."

"But he's a traditional sort of left-winger, isn't he?"

"He used to be thought of in that role, yes, but he is not as strongly left-sided as you would think. It will be a straight swap up front, with exactly the same game plan."

"Mark, what are the implications for the Wales and Scotland matches?"

"Well, they must stand a better chance with a settled formation, but unless they change their strategy ..."

"Sorry, Mark, must interrupt you there, something amazing's happening on the bench. They've got the numbers ready, but they're not holding them up. Blair is definitely coming off, but when? It beats me, are they going to leave it too late, I wonder?"
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