Thursday, October 04, 2007

Why are we going on about Iraq?

You would think that the decision to support the Americans in Iraq was past history. Blair, who either deceived us or made a genuine mistake, has now gone. The government maintains troops in Iraq as a reserve for the US, but that is a separate issue. We are told that the electors are bored with discussion of the rights and wrongs of the invasion (though it should be noted that Conservatives, like Glyn Davies still find it necessary to excuse themselves from being taken in by the "intelligence").

However, it now transpires that the US is considering air strikes against Iran and has sought support from the UK. Opinions differ as to whetherGordon Brown has fallen in with the plan, but there is little doubt that at least a limited attack on Iran is seriously being considered.

Expect this to be a live issue in the general election, whenever it comes.

- Frank Little
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