Friday, November 07, 2008


A bad result for us, but for once the media got it right in hailing it as a victory for Gordon Brown and a rebuff for the Nationalists. On the same day, there were by-elections in the big two Scottish cities: Edinburgh City, Forth ward, and Glasgow City, Baillieston. Both were won by Labour.

It is clearly a result of Brown's improved image in the wake of the bank rescue. This so-called "Brown bounce" will deflate as the job cuts (such as these) bite, and the voters take it out on the sitting government.

An old Scottish hand tells us: "I remember us getting about 2% in Glasgow Central and Glasgow Govan in 1989/90. We came back from that. Then we got 3% in Hamilton South and Falkirk West in 1999/2000. Five years later we were coming 2nd in Scotland, with 24% of the vote. It's not nice to get such results, but it doesn't worry me greatly, long-term."


Anonymous said...

What about the news of corus in Port Talbot?

I take it you've heard?

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

So far, there are no sackings at Port Talbot. (I'm not sure about Shotton & Scunthorpe.) The 30% cut will be achieved, as I understand today's news release, by cutting overtime and not firing up one of the blast furnaces. Temporary & agency staff will presumably be let go.

Frank Little

Anonymous said...

Manufacturing industry has been in decline for a number of decades (not just years). So why the big surprise about Corus Port Talbot?

The jobs created in the Baglan Energy Park will more than make up for any job lossed in Corus.

...but being serious, what are WAG/WDA doing to create jobs and wealth in Wales?

...but when the Welsh Electorate are so prepared to vote Labour, ad nausium, what can we expect.