Thursday, November 20, 2008

Teenage drinking and unsafe sex

Research published in summer shows that Wales has the highest level of teenage drinking in Europe. Last month, figures were released which showed worrying rates of under-age sexual activity.

In giving a cautious welcome to the proposal by Karen Jones, Head of Change Management for the County Borough, put before the Social Care Health and Housing scrutiny committee and cabinet board last week, to hold scrutiny-driven workshops to look at aspects of social care and health starting in the New Year, Liberal Democrat Councillor Frank Little stressed the need for a multi-disciplinary approach. He instanced the impact on health of alcohol misuse and irresponsible sexual activity, for which there were implications of licensing, young people's and education policy.

Frank Little said: "I am gratified that there appeared to be acceptance of this approach on the part of both officers and other members, across party lines."


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Frank!

A County Councillor seeking to achieve a sensible solution to the subject of underage sex and teenage drinking.

Frank Little said...

To be fair, and as I also pointed out in committee, many of the factors are outside the council's control. National legislation and regulation bind local authorities in the areas of licensing and planning.

There are local initiatives. Labour's Sheila Penry drew to my attention extra-curricular seminars held by Cwrt Sart comp., which she reckons have been effective. Nothing I said should inhibit these, or lateral exchange of ideas between professionals.