Friday, October 07, 2011

Liberals part of Danish Social Democrat-led government

Liberal International reports that Det Radikale Ventre, a Danish founding member of LI, has received 6 Ministerial portfolios in the new three-party coalition government. They garnered 9.5% of the votes (up from 5.1%) and 17 seats in the parliament. The party leader Margrethe Vestager will become Minister of Economy and Home Affairs. “We must show that we will definitely enter, participate and contribute to European cooperation”, said Mrs. Vestager, asserting that DRV will ensure that Danish politics embodies a clearly liberal and internationalist direction. Among the six ministers is the country's first foreign born cabinet minister, Manu Sareen (originally from India), who has been given the Ecclesiastical and Equality Ministry. The new Danish government announced its agenda in which they will ease strict immigration rules and scrap a “points-based system” which is used to determine immigration eligibility. LI's other Danish member Venstre, led by former Prime Minister Lars L√łkke Rasmussen, also managed to increase their seat count to 47, receiving the largest vote share in the country (over 26%).

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