Monday, October 23, 2017

Conservatives are not taking border force seriously

The National Audit Office report on the UK border that was released at the weekend shows:
  • Over the past four years the Border Force workforce has reduced by 4%.(Page 24)
  • If the existing entry regime for non-EEA nationals is extended to all EEA arrivals, UK Visas and Immigration will need to make 230% more decisions a year.(Page 27)
  • If customs declarations are required for trade between the UK and the existing EU, HMRC estimates that the total number of customs declarations could increase by around 360.(Page 27)

Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said: 

“This independent report shows the stark reality facing Britain’s border security. A 4% cut in the workforce over the last few years risks undermining public confidence and increasing illegal immigration. Added to this is the Brexit disaster which could lead to a potential 360% increase in customs declarations, and a more than doubling in the number of entry checks.

“What this could mean is gridlock for millions of people returning from their holidays waiting longer for their passports to be checked, and a backlog of lorries entering and leaving the UK. This is not what people voted for.”

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