Monday, October 09, 2017

May should sack Boris now

The Liberal Democrats have said that now Theresa May has raised the possibility of ousting Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, his position is untenable.

Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake MP said:

"He must go. The Prime Minister has talked about moving him, but that raises the question of what department would be lumbered with him.

“When Theresa May made Boris head of the diplomatic service she certainly disproved the unkind suggestion that she lacks a sense of humour.

“There are so many areas where there would be a certain justice in leaving him to solve the mess he has created.

“Northern Ireland to solve the border problem he said wouldn’t be an issue? But that wouldn’t be fair on the people of Northern Ireland.

“If he were made Secretary of State for Health he might find the £350m a week extra he promised for the NHS. But Boris is the last thing patients need. The only solution is to release the Lion of Uxbridge back into the wild of the Tory backbenches."

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