Monday, July 23, 2018

Amazon warnings are deeply worrying

Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake MP has warned that there is “no returns policy” when it comes to Brexit following reports Amazon’s UK Manager, Doug Gurr, has told the Tory Government that the UK would face “civil unrest” within weeks of a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Brake said: 

“Although Amazon were referring to an extremely unlikely scenario, warnings of this nature from leading business leaders are embarrassing for the Tories, and deeply worrying for the public when it comes to the state of our economy.

“The Tories are delivering an absolute mess of a Brexit. Time is running out to prevent this disaster, and when it comes to Brexit there is no returns policy. 

“The best way to avoid a crisis is to give the people the final say on the deal, and an opportunity to Exit from Brexit.”

Frank Little, candidate for Neath at the last general election, added:

"Dr Gurr has not spelled out publicly his scenario of how Amazon could be involved in the descent into unrest, but the implication is that several of the company's distribution centres, including the one in Neath Port Talbot would become unprofitable, resulting in hundreds of redundancies locally."

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