Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lib Dems act to protect freedom of movement

Today, the House of Lords will vote on a Liberal Democrat amendment to the Trade Bill which will require the Government to preserve the free economic movement of people should the UK leave the EU.
Speaking ahead of the vote, Liberal Democrat Leader in the House of Lords, Dick Newby, said:
"Now that the Commons has resoundingly defeated Theresa May’s damaging Brexit deal twice, Jeremy Corbyn cannot dither on his support for a People’s Vote any longer. It is time his opposition to a damaging Brexit deal is put to the test.
"If his front bench fails to support this amendment, it will reveal that, for Labour too, nothing has changed. They still want to get out of the Single Market and will help the Tories deliver Brexit.
"EU membership has allowed us to live, work and study wherever we want across Europe. Both a Tory and a Labour Brexit would bring that to an end.
"With the Commons in disarray, it is time that Labour realised that a People’s Vote with the option to stay in the EU, is not a last resort to end the Brexit chaos but an urgent necessity."

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nigel hunter said...

In the HoC in his tirade of May on the Brexit discussion he did not mention the subject. He is still a leaver at heart.A snake oil salesman who says one thing but his 'product' is something else.His party needs a new leader.