Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Cable: Heathrow expansion one of the Tories' worst mistakes

Responding to the judgement on the legal challenges to the Conservative government’s decision to permit Heathrow to apply for expansion of its airport with a new third runway, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

“It is a pity that the judicial review process has ended in this way, but the fundamental environmental and economic issues remain. Expanding Heathrow is the wrong decision for the country and for South West London, where air pollution, air traffic noise, and congestion are already a blight.
“With climate change looming large in the public mind, I still believe that the expansion will be revisited before a single brick is laid.
“The economics of the project look increasingly questionable. This company pays little tax and ships out its profits to its overseas owner. They expect to raise unrealistically large sums for the runway and the infrastructure around the airport.
“Deciding to proceed with the scheme is one of the Conservative government’s worst mistakes.”

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