Saturday, May 25, 2019

Vince Cable on May reaching end of her road

Responding to the Prime Minister's resignation yesterday, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said:

“The Prime Minister is right to recognise that her administration has reached the end of the road.
“Sadly her compromises through the last three years have too often been with the right-wing of her own party, rather than about bringing the country together.
Conservative Party interest has always trumped national interest, and yet Conservative MPs continue to demand an ever more extreme Brexit policy.
“The best and only option remains to take Brexit back to the people.  I believe the public would now choose to Stop Brexit, and stop the immeasurable damage the process has done to the United Kingdom”.

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nigel hunter said...

The Conservatives are the 'well of ones' This includes the millionaire Paper magnates etc.They do not want the EU to change Laws on tax havens etc. Out of the EU they have a free range to exploit to become richer.
Equally the anger built up from Tory austerity from 2015 has exacerbated the situation re Brexit,
Farage's 'change politics' is to change it for the rich.
May has gone cos she could not unite her party.