Friday, December 20, 2019

Home Office defeat in High Court shows need to fix immigration system

Responding to yesterday’s High Court judgment declaring the Home Office’s £1,012 fee for registering a child as a British citizen unlawful, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine said:
“We owe congratulations and thanks to the campaigners who brought this case on behalf of children who are being denied their rights by these outrageous, extortionate Home Office fees.

“I’ve almost lost count of the number of times this Conservative Government’s immigration policies have been ruled unlawful.

“Instead of wasting taxpayers’ money defending their bad decisions in the courts, Home Office Ministers should get on with fixing our immigration system so everyone is treated with dignity and the public can have confidence that it is fair and effective.”

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nigel hunter said...

They are not wanting to give dignity they are wanting money. There will be all sorts of tricks coming up to grab money off people rather than raise taxes as Brexit does not become a success. Raising taxes is anathema to right wing Tories but squeezing money out of people is good fun for them as long as their funds are not touched