Monday, December 09, 2019

Johnson refusing to look at picture of sick child shows mask has slipped

Responding to the footage of Boris Johnson refusing to look at a picture of a sick child lying on a hospital floor, Liberal Democrat Welfare Spokesperson Tim Farron said:

"This is the moment the mask slipped.  When confronted with the human impact of his government's failure to properly fund our NHS, Boris Johnson chose to look away.

"This shocking lack of empathy shows why Johnson is not fit be prime minister. He simply doesn't care about patients or their families being catastrophically let down by this Conservative government. It is unacceptable that hospitals are under so much pressure that they don’t have enough beds - especially for small children."

Local Liberal Democrats added: "If he thinks that little about the victims of the English NHS cuts, what chance does Wales stand?"

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Frank Little said...

Peter Black shows how swiftly the super-efficient Johnson social media machine, Goebbels-like, powers into action to misrepresent the story as a Big Lie.