Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10p tax grab could cost Labour 100 council seats – Cable

Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable has warned that the backlash from Labour’s 10p tax gaffe could cost them up to 100 seats in Wales on Thrursday.

Labour are currently the largest party across Wales, but the popular backlash against Gordon Brown’s decision to double the income tax rate for 195,000 people in Wales has put Labour under pressure.

Some councillors and candidates have even taken to removing the word "Labour" from their election material, and in Wrexham Labour councillors have written to residents urging them to ignore the National picture and vote only on local issues.

Speaking during a campaigning visit to Cardiff, Vince Cable said: ""The abolition of the 10p rate is clear evidence that the Prime Minster has lost all touch with ordinary people.

"The Labour Party has turned its back on people in Wales, so it shouldn’t be surprised that people are turning their backs on Labour. The 10p tax issue goes to the heart of Labour’s problems and could cost them 100 seats in Wales alone at this election."

Cllr Rodney Berman, leader of Cardiff Council, added: "In Cardiff and across the 21 other local authorities in Wales there is a great deal of unhappiness at Labour’s tax grab. It’s an issue that keeps cropping up on the door step.

"Welsh Liberal Democrats understand that people are feeling the pinch. That’s why we are proud of our record of keeping council tax rises down in the councils we lead. Of all the parties in Wales the Liberal Democrats have produced the lowest average increases in council tax – while putting greater investment in front-line services like education. Here in Cardiff we have produced the lowest increase in the whole of Wales just averaging just 2.8%"
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