Thursday, April 24, 2008

Conservative hypocrisy over post offices

Speaking ahead of a debate in the House of Lords on the future of the Post Office network later today, Liberal Democrat Small Business Spokesperson, Lord (Brian) Cotter said,

“The Conservatives’ hypocrisy over the Government’s post office closures is astounding.

“Over 3,500 post offices closed under the Conservatives’ watch.

“They had their chance to save the post office network and they blew it.

“The Conservatives’ can huff and puff all they want about post offices, but until they actually come up with a plan to save the post office network and halt the Government’s closures they might as well just go home.”

The Liberal Democrat plan

Our plan would give a real investment of £2 billion in the post office, would increase the services offered at local post office branches and improve the network so that every community that needs a post office gets one. We are the only party with a fully-funded plan to save the post office, give it a long-term future and not just manage its decline, as Gordon Brown's doctrinaire attitude inevitably does.

Our plan would see:

* £2 billion invested in post office branches;
* New branches opening where needed;
* Government services continuing to be available at the Post Office;
* Separation of the Post Office and Royal Mail businesses;
* The Post Office freed from Royal Mail restrictions to let it develop new business.
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