Monday, April 21, 2008

Brown must allow Parliament to debate US missile shield

Gordon Brown’s local difficulties over the doubling of the 10% tax rate have enabled him to avoid questioning over his summit with George Bush.

“The Prime Minister has again met President Bush to discuss security issues, yet his unwillingness to allow proper debate on the siting of US missile defence components in this country smacks of arrogance.

“Brown is clearly more concerned with maintaining the special relationship with the US than he is with the people of this country.

“MPs were promised a debate on missile defence by Tony Blair, but Gordon Brown rushed out plans to site US missile defence installations at Menwith Hill on the last day of Parliament. NATO has discussed it, Brown and Bush have discussed it again, and yet our own Parliament has not been given the opportunity.

“Is this the ‘new politics’ we were promised when the Prime Minister came to power?

“Rather than cosy chats with foreign leaders, Gordon Brown must allow a full debate on Britain’s role in the US missile defence programme.”
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