Saturday, June 13, 2009

Labour leaders hanging on

Rhodri Morgan has given himself a get-out clause. He said at the Assembly Elections that he would retire on his seventieth birthday. He has changed his tune. In case of a "force majeure", he will stay on and Huw Lewis AM has begged him to stay on beyond Autumn

Now former Neath Port Talbot council leader Derek Vaughan has announced that he will not give up his Neath North seat until there is a general election to "save tax-payer money" on polling costs. We say that the real reason is to save an embarrassing loss of a council seat in a period when Labour is under constant attack.

All the signs are that a tired and discredited Gordon Brown will hang on to power until the law forces him to hold an election. That will be in June 2010. Do the math. The hard-working people of Neath North will have a lame-duck councillor for twelve months. How can Derek Vaughan work for his constituents in Brussels where he will be on a steep learning curve in the Euro Parliament?

We say to Derek Vaughan: do the right thing by democracy and the people of Neath North. Go now!


Anonymous said...

And Peter Black attends every meeting of Council in Swasnea, while attending to his duties as an AM, does he?

Anonymous said...

Quite right, it will be a very steep learning curve for Cllr Vaughen.

What has he got to fear, in-fighting when he goes? The will be at it like ferrets in a sack before he sets foot on the Eurostar!

Anonymous said...

Is Derek Vaughen hanging on to a council seat or is he concerned that there will be in-fighting in the Cabinet in Neath & Port Talbot just like there is in Downing Street?

Anonymous said...

Swansea to Cardiff 41½ miles

Neath to Brussels 442 miles