Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another significant by-election win

We are not only winning from Labour in affluent areas like Kensington & Chelsea, but also in the deprived north-east of England.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (UA), Dormanstown ward
LD 805 (52.3;+27.2),
Lab 515 (33.5;-18.6),
BNP 145 (9.4;+9.4),
Con 73 (4.7;-18.0)
Majority 290.
Turnout 29.88%.
Lib Dem gain from Lab.

This, from last Thursday, is the third by election win in a row for Redcar and Cleveland Liberal Democrats, all wins from Labour.

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Anonymous said...

Good, only goes to show that even in Labours heartland the public and electorate are wakeing up to the utter, utter mess Gordon Brown is making of the country.