Thursday, July 23, 2009

LibDem by-election gain from Labour

The result in the Colville ward of the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea was an overwhelming win for Liberal Democrat Carol Caruana. Labour, who originally held the seat, were pushed into third place.

Carol Caruana becomes the sole Lib Dem councillor on a predominantly Conservative council, but hopefully the first of many.

Lib Dem 634 46.9%
Conservative 330 24.4%
Labour 300 22.2%
Green 77 5.7%
Independent 10 0.7%

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Anonymous said...


Although this does highlight that this victory would have been sweeter if won under STV rather than First Past the Post.

Like so many by-elections; there are a multitude of candidates, here there were five.

47% of the vote is significant!

Remember, labour control Bridgend CBC with a mere 42% of the vote