Thursday, July 30, 2009

Willis wants new royal commission on higher education

Being a devolved matter, a forthcoming report by the Commons innovation, universities, science and skills committee has no direct effect in Wales.

However, the last report from the committee tracking the former Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills is expected to be highly critical of universities. That in turn is going to have implications for higher education in this country.

Phil Willis, the Liberal Democrat MP for Harrogate and a former headteacher, is the chairman of the committee. In an interview with The Independent's Lucy Hodges, he said he would like a royal commission to investigate higher education. "The whole system needs a radical rethink because it is not sustainable," he said. "We require another Lord Dearing project."

The whole article is here. One impression should be corrected: Phil announced his decision not to stand at the next election well before the series of Telegraph articles on MPs' expenses claims appeared.

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