Sunday, October 17, 2010

Labour's Browne review attacked by Welsh LibDems

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference in Brecon today passed the following motion, proposed by Liberal Youth:

Conference notes:
  1. The "Browne Review" of October 12th and its recommendations for Higher Education funding in England
  2. That the implementation of this will have major effects on the future of student finance in Wales
  3. That the Welsh Liberal Democrats are opposed to Tuition fees, and that our MPs pledged to vote against any increase in fees ahead of the General Election

Conference believes:
  1. that there are alternative ways to fund higher education that do not involve burdening the students of today with high levels of debt
  2. that higher education should remain affordable and an option to people, whatever their economic background

Conference calls for
  1. Welsh Liberal Democrats to reject the wholesale implementation of the proposals of the Browne Review
  2. the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Group to do everything possible to mitigate the effect on Welsh students of any change in funding in England
  3. The Welsh Assembly Government to urgently address the Higher Education Funding Gap, and divert wasteful economic development spending to fund Welsh Universities.
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