Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Phil Willis on Browne

Frank Little writes:

There is an interesting contribution to the debate on the Browne report at Liberal Democrat Voice by Lord Willis of Knaresborough, who, as MP for Harrogate was the chairman of the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee. He writes:

"As they stand Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats, rather than hide their heads in embarrassment should be congratulated in fighting for elements in the package that meet Liberal Democrat aspirations. As the IFS (not noted for their pro-liberal stance) concluded – the Browne proposals 'are highly progressive and ensure that the poorest 30% of graduates are better off, whilst ensuring that the richest 30% of graduates pay off their loans in full'. Hardly an outcome that would have resulted from a Conservative government."

The Institute for Fiscal Studies was hard on the Osborne Emergency Budget. Labour seized on its report at the time (though glossing over the parts which do not suit their spin), but has been silent on the IFS judgment on Browne.
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