Monday, October 25, 2010

Peter Black tops regional list again

The ballots for the Liberal Democrat regional lists were counted this evening. The order, as voted on a one-member one-vote basis, for each of the regions is as follows:

South Wales West
  1. Peter Black
  2. Stuart Rice
  3. Cheryl Green
  4. Wayne Morgan
  5. Frank Little

South Wales Central
  1. John Dixon
  2. Eluned Parrott
  3. Rachael Hitchinson
  4. Elgan Morgan
  5. Andrew Sherwood

South Wales East
  1. Veronica German
  2. Phil Hobson
  3. Bob Griffin
  4. Alison Willott

Mid and West Wales
  1. Bill Powell
  2. Mark Cox
  3. Ed Wilson
  4. Steffan John

North Wales
  1. Aled Roberts
  2. Eleanor Burnham

Elections for candidates for individual constituencies will follow shortly.
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