Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Assembly Member Urges Minister to List Historic Port Talbot Building

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black has urged the Minister for Heritage to review the decision not to list a historic building in Port Talbot.

The Royal Buildings and Custom House in Port Talbot is going to be demolished by a Housing Association to make way for affordable flats. A previous decision not to list the historic buildings can be revisited by the Minister as new evidence has come to light.

“These buildings are a part of Port Talbot’s heritage as an industrial town” said Mr. Black, "It is essential that we retain this part of the area’s identity.

"All pre-1919 buildings are now regarded as part of our national heritage and therefore historic, so it is right that they are protected. The need for additional homes can be met within these buildings through sympathetic renovation, which has occurred in listed buildings the length and breadth of Wales. I welcome the Minister's agreement to review the decision, but must stress the urgency of the situation as the developers have already begun to clear the buildings for demolition."

Aberavon Liberal Democrat Assembly Candidate Helen Ceri-Clarke added: “The Talbot family built these historic buildings to office their industrial operations. They are a part of the history of the area and indeed, the reason the area has its name. It would be a travesty if these buildings were to disappear altogether.

"As a local campaigner I want to work with the developers to ensure the renovations can be sympathetic to the buildings and the environment as well as providing much needed social housing in the area.”
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