Saturday, March 05, 2011

Kirsty Williams: "A new era of devolution must now begin"

Responding to the YES referendum result, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams said:

“I am delighted that there has been a ‘yes’ vote. It will make our law-making more efficient, it will save money and it will make it crystal clear where responsibility lies for decision making. The Welsh Liberal Democrats can be proud of the role we played in the cross party campaign up and down Wales. We can be particularly satisfied with the part we played in the areas where the Welsh Liberal Democrats are particularly active in area like Swansea, Ceredigion, Cardiff, Wrexham and Powys.

“The result is clear and its legitimacy is not in doubt.

“However, it is fair to say that the campaign has exposed widespread dissatisfaction with the performance of the Welsh Government which has presided over Wales becoming the poorest part of the UK, with standards in our schools and hospitals slipping behind England and Scotland.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that Wales can do better. People are demanding radical action to rebuild our economy and create jobs. A new era of devolution must now begin, in which the tendency of the Welsh Government to be the collective chip on the shoulder of Wales must end and in which the culture of blame is replaced by a culture of responsibility. We now want Wales to have the prosperity, the schools and the NHS it deserves.”
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