Sunday, June 04, 2017

Cable: Conservative manifesto has no numbers beyond the page numbers

Michael Fallon has told the Telegraph that income tax will not rise under a Conservative government. This comes after the Conservative manifesto failed to clarify their policy on tax rises in their manifesto which gave only a vague commitment to keep tax "as low as possible".

Responding to these comments, the Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, Vince Cable said:

"Michael Fallon’s comments raise the obvious question as to where the Conservatives will raise the money that their Chancellor knows will be needed if promised funding for schools, the NHS, the police and defence is to materialise.

"The Conservative manifesto has no numbers beyond the page numbers: an arrogant misjudgement that the public does not need to be told what will happen after the election.  Since they are ruling out increases in income, corporate tax and VAT we must assume that there will be an increase in National Insurance and in various ‘stealth taxes’ yet to be specified. It undoubtedly raises suspicions.

"The Liberal Democrats are being honest with the people, to save our NHS and social care we will put 1p on income tax, raising £6bn a year."

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