Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gove has betrayed consumers on cheap food – Farron

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has attacked new Environment Secretary Michael Gove for U-turning on cheap food.  During the referendum campaign Gove promised British consumers they would enjoy cut-price groceries due to there being more imports from outside the EU. However, with the government’s extreme Brexit under threat as the Conservatives split over the single market and customs union, Gove has rowed back from his promise.

Tim Farron said:

“This is yet another Brexit lie, to go with the £350m a week extra Michael Gove promised the NHS. He has only had his feet back under the cabinet table a few days and he has already broken another major promise. He told voters that after Brexit there would be honey for tea, but now reality is starting to bite he is offering British consumers nothing but thin gruel.

“The public are already suffering a Brexit squeeze of higher prices and shrinking product sizes due to the devastating devaluation of the pound caused by Theresa May’s extreme Brexit. Meanwhile, farmers are still waiting to hear if the Conservatives will continue as part of any post-Brexit arrangements to give them the subsidies they currently receive from the EU.

“It is clear the government has no clue, no strategy and no shame. It is falling apart before our eyes, and it is the British public paying the price.”
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