Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Liberal Democrats say that government must end public sector pay freeze

The amount of money workers are taking home continues to fall as inflation rises, according to data released by the Office of National Statistics today.

Average wages grew by just 2.1% in the three months to April, well below the 2.7% rate of inflation in that month, according to the Office for National Statistics. This means that, after adjusting for inflation, wages fell by 0.6%

Commenting on the news, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“For a government that used to bang on about the Just About Managing, they are doing diddly squat to help them. This represents the biggest fall in real wages since August 2014.

"Staff are working more hours, for less pay and with higher levels of stress. More people are living pay cheque to pay cheque and having to struggle at the end of every month to get by.

“Britain needs a pay rise and it is time the government delivered it, especially for the public sector.

"Our nurses, care workers, teachers and soldiers have bared the brunt of the economic crisis and seen their pay capped and wages squeezed. Enough is enough. We need to raise the wages of our public sector workers.”
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