Thursday, November 02, 2017

Government gives into pressure over coffee cup charge

Environment Minister Therese Coffey has said the government will consider introducing a coffee cup charge charge to tackle the 2.5 billion disposable cups thrown away each year.

It comes despite the same minister last year rejecting Liberal Democrat calls for a charge to be introduced, claiming that coffee shop chains are already taking enough action to cut down on waste.

Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson Tim Farron commented:

“It is good to see the government is now giving into growing pressure, after having rejected our proposal for a coffee cup charge last year.

“Ministers must stop burying their their heads in the sand and address the scandal of unnecessary litter polluting our streets, rivers and countryside.

“As we know from the 5p charge on plastic bags pushed for the Liberal Democrats, a small change can make a huge difference in protecting our environment.

“The public have embraced the plastic bag charge and know it is making a difference, this is the next logical step.”

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